Amara Anne

Dr.  Amara Anne Onujiogu has more than thirty years of professional experience in health care administration, including directing health care centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, and health and nursing educational programs. She also is an advocate for public health issues, international health, and family life education. Amara engages in finding solutions for problems facing families, especially those with roots in the developing world.

Amara recently founded a non-profit organization, Amaracares.org. Its mission is to harness the unnecessary wastes of the western world and reuse them for the benefit of starving human beings in the developing regions of the globe. She also has a consultancy that promotes better family life and creates awareness about the major triggers of family dysfunction.

Prior to starting her own initiatives, Dr. Onujiogu was a co-owner and executive director of her family business, which focused on pharmacy and real estate industries. Amara’s educational background is extensive and includes a Doctor of Education from Boston University; a Master’s in Public Health Administration from University of Massachusetts, Amherst; a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Boston University; and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA.

Amara moved to USA from Nigeria in 1971 at a tender age of 23, at the end of the Nigerian Civil War. She and her family were held in a refugee camp for three years. Amara settled in Boston where she went to college, raised family, and worked. She is very active in her community affairs.

Amara Cares Mission:

Turning unnecessary wastes into grace for the needy in most affected areas starting in Nigeria and later extending outwards.

We dry-pack protein food items (Carepacks) and send them for distribution in orphanages, hospitals and school food programs.

  1. #Emancipation of Women! I just know my lovely Aunt would go on this quest to speak for women and the world in general…Keep it up fam! Love always!

  2. tochi stanley nnadi

    You are wonderfully created. I do appreciate God almighty on your behalf, more grace to your able.

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