Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!
     My upcoming weekly podcast, “Uprooting Life’s Realities,” will be about exposing, educating, entertaining, and empowering listeners to live a better life. Every relationship should be founded on love. Relationships find their stability and flexibility in forgiveness. Therefore, love and forgiveness are the glue that ensures lasting relationships. People who can embrace forgiveness in their lives are happier and healthier.
     In my forthcoming weekly podcast radio show, tips on how to avoid dangerous relationship triggers (Infidelity and Related Sins, or what I call “I & RS”), will include creative ways to forgive and be forgiven. Often times, bad behavior does not stop until somebody or some system of morality instills limits and consequences.
     The message from me, Dr. Mother Love, aka,”The Infidelity Doctor,” for all fathers and father figures is this: Love is the most powerful thing in the world; it is the reason for living and it comes as part of a package that includes responsibility, reliability, and respect for one’s self and loved ones. Love is not an entitlement but is earned by merit. You deserve love, so work hard and go for it! But, if you have made mistakes that have cost you, be consoled by Dr. Barton Goldsmith’s powerful statement: “Forgiveness is an invitation to a second chance at love.” Do all that it takes to grab this golden opportunity!
     Happy Father’s Day to all of you!
     Join me for a weekly podcast to fight Infidelity and Related Sins as we uproot life’s realities. The podcast, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 20th from 4-5pm EST, will be rescheduled due to a technical issue, but don’t despair! You can subscribe today to receive instant updates about the launch date and call in number of this exciting new podcast.
     Life will be better tomorrow if you take that bold step today!
     We’ll see you there.
Good luck!
Dr. Mother Love

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