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Infidelity of Prominent Figures in Politics and Government

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I, Dr. Mother Love, the “Infidelity Doctor,” am shocked at the alarming rate with which the infidelity net is catching fish, both big and small. Politics, power, and infidelity seem to be hot topics in the news and on social media these days. There are too many scandals exposed about the rich and famous, and the powerful and prominent heads of governments, institutions, and families. All these supposedly-great people are falling into what I call Infidelity and Related Sins, I &RS, dragnets, (not to be confused with the Internal Revenue Service). However, both carry serious consequences if their rules are violated. There is a long list of prominent figures who have been caught in this web of infidelity, but I will mention only a few of them.

The  latest on the list is the 70-year-old San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner, who has admitted to sexually harassing several women while in office. He has apologized, gone to therapy for two weeks, and plans to return to full-time duties as mayor. Thank goodness the San Diego County Democratic Party has voted 36-6 for this mayor to resign. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the DNC has stated that there is no place for this type of conduct in the workplace or in city hall and public office. I would also add that there is no place for infidelity in the family or in society, and yet it is happening almost everywhere, often destroying our most-cherished values. Taking responsibility and promising to be a better person are no longer a guarantee to trust these violators. What about the former U.S. Rep., Anthony Weiner, who sent nude photos of himself to women online? When caught, he apologized and resigned, but shortly after continued his bad behavior. He is even currently planning to run for the mayor of New York. Have you forgotten about the former governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, a two-time governor, three-time Congressman, a potential presidential candidate, and a rising star? He left his office, disappeared for a week, and flew to Argentina to meet his mistress, all while he was still married. When confronted, he apologized and resigned and disappeared from the public eye for a while, but reappeared to run and win the Senate seat. Now he is engaged to that same woman after his wife divorced him. There are many more such shocking stories. Society seems to be adjusting and accepting this bad behavior as permissible. Otherwise, Mark Sanford could not have won the seat after all of his infidelity. Do not be surprised that Anthony Weiner might become the next New York mayor as the scandal continues.

My point is, our current approach to Infidelity and Related Sins is not effective enough to deter potential offenders, big or small, powerful or commonplace, rich or poor, public servant or privately employed. We must revisit the problem of infidelity and identify the root causes of this bad behavior. Then, and only then, can permanent solutions be instilled for the good of society at large.

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–Dr. Mother Love

Infidelity and Related Sins (I & RS)

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I once heard a university professor say, “Two problems that will never be solved are race and war.” Perhaps he was right, but only time will tell. I would add Infidelity and Related Sins (what I call I & RS) to the list problems that are difficult to solve. These demons affect many people from all walks of life, from people held highest in society to those lowest in society. Admittedly however, I seem to have little reason for optimism about any lasting solution because infidelity and related sins are rooted in pride, selfishness and covetousness, all matters of the human heart.

Until our hearts are touched and changed, we will fall into the same destructive sins traced back through time. That does not mean we should throw up our hands in despair and refuse to do anything about these problems — no, not at all! Once we resolve to be an instrument of love, change will surely follow. We have to start somewhere, and for me, fighting Infidelity and Related Sins is a good place to start. Raising awareness of the consequences of these often ignored, but infectious lifestyles, is the first step towards possible solutions. When a problem is identified and the public is made aware of it, the problem is halfway solved. This is true of any human condition.

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