Infidelity and Related Sins (I & RS)

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I once heard a university professor say, “Two problems that will never be solved are race and war.” Perhaps he was right, but only time will tell. I would add Infidelity and Related Sins (what I call I & RS) to the list problems that are difficult to solve. These demons affect many people from all walks of life, from people held highest in society to those lowest in society. Admittedly however, I seem to have little reason for optimism about any lasting solution because infidelity and related sins are rooted in pride, selfishness and covetousness, all matters of the human heart.

Until our hearts are touched and changed, we will fall into the same destructive sins traced back through time. That does not mean we should throw up our hands in despair and refuse to do anything about these problems — no, not at all! Once we resolve to be an instrument of love, change will surely follow. We have to start somewhere, and for me, fighting Infidelity and Related Sins is a good place to start. Raising awareness of the consequences of these often ignored, but infectious lifestyles, is the first step towards possible solutions. When a problem is identified and the public is made aware of it, the problem is halfway solved. This is true of any human condition.

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Dr. Mother Love

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