Amara Cares, the Non-profit

Hi everyone,

Today I’d like to share with you some information about, my non-profit 501c3. Many non-profits collect and send items to developing countries, but what makes unique is that we are the only organization that addresses the problem of waste during the aid delivery process and simultaneously brings awareness to the plight of those in the world who are dying of starvation. No other agency “dry packs” protein items and safely and easily sends them across the world. Dry-packed goods eliminate the waste that is a byproduct of sending goods that require cold storage. My protein-rich care packages are light and can easily be sent overseas without the need for bulky packaging, which can increase transportation costs. We collect extra meat from restaurants before the meat goes bad. This cost-effective aid model will save the US 30% in wasted food products and will relieve many business owners of the guilt of wasting goods.


Get involved today by Donating to Amara Cares!

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