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“Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to Lofty Heights by the USA Vice President”Part 2.

Personally,I do not like to talk about people in politics for obvious
reasons.But sometimes it is hard to overlook the great works some of these top
people are doing for humanity.This time, it is fighting Violence Against Women
from the highest quarters on the Planet,the a Presidency of the United States of
America.This is a blessing and good news for our human society.Who can give the
incidence of Violence against Women more exposure than men in the most powerful
positions in the world?

From history,violence against women and girls,especially sexual abuse has been
seen as “women’s problem” and has never been made an issue to this level.When
men,(influential men, especially ),come out publicly against crimes committed by
their fellow men against opposite sex, then the message may have more impact on
the society. So, I pray that Vie President Biden’s move will generate the badly
needed momentum for the solution .

From many research studies I have reviewed,one common fact stands out:most men
are usually more reluctant to point an causing finger on their fellow men,
especially when it comes to sexual matters.They overlook, ignore, remain quiet ,
keep aloof ,or remain neutral, (we call it,looking the other way),in an attempt
not to expose their fellow men’s sexual weaknesses.This attitude is part of the
reason why this crime is difficult to address, not to talk of solving.This
attitude is more pronounced in less civilized societies.Some people may think
that I have this bias against men, but those who know me well can testify that I
work better with men as I was raised exclusively by men in my family.Infidelity
and related flaws are the areas I have very low tolerance for since they inflict
undue pains to innocent people especially children.

I hope that working with Dr Biden, we,as a society,can reach a level of maturity
needed to deal with this endemic problem,Violence against Women.
In every society,no matter how civilized,Sexual misconduct,(some minor, some
major and others very deadly),is a very common occurrence and cuts across all
social,economic and racial strata.Many well meaning men have been brought down
and some permanently destroyed by this ever “powerful”bad behavior called sexual
weakness.I feel that there must be some factors we,as a society, have not yet
explored in order to pin down the roots of this “helplessness” in many good and
hardworking men.Many families have been destroyed as a result of this
problem.Many men with this weakness end up estranged from family.

On the other hand,as a society,when we are in a judgement mode,( as many of us
women tend to be with sexual abuse),we hold the rock tightly with clenched teeth
ready to knock down the offenders.We have been doing this for so long with very
little success.From today,let’s drop the rock and work with these great men in the White House
to find a humane way to deal with this problem.Maybe this time we will succeed.

In the next Blog Post,I will look at the steps Dr Biden has already taken and
his plans for the future in this fight.
Finally, let’s give some credit to this Obama Administration for giving this
global burden the recognition needed for a permanent solution.The team is making
the world a better and safer place for women and girls.

Please look out for Part 3 of this series,” Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to
Lofty Heights by the USA Vice President”.Your comments are very appreciated.
Thank you for visiting this blog.Please be part of this noble effort to end
sexual Abuse.

Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to Lofty Heights by USA Vice President.

Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to Lofty Heights by the USA Vice President ”

My passion is always drawn to Family Matters: Ensuring better lives for all in the family and beyond.Sexual Abuse, in my opinion,is the greatest and most common insult to humanity,yet it has never been give an effective attention locally or globally.The situation is even worse in the developing countries where women have little or no voice or sympathy, where outdated values and insensitive cultures still reign supreme.There are countless instances of hardship and poverty resulting from this mindset and it is our responsibility to expose and eradicate the causes.

This morning,I was happy to hear from breaking news that Vice President, Joe Biden, who recently gave up presidential ambitions, has decided to take on a Higher Calling:Tackling this Sexual Abuse problem.He has made it his passion to take the problem to lofty heights politically, academically and otherwise.He is starting from the White House and from the campus  of his Alma Mater, Syracuse University in New York.

Read more later to follow Dr Biden’s plans as well as my
take on the problem and its solution .

China and her Population Policy: An Indication of Genuine Concern for the People

Can African countries learn from such a leadership style as China’s?
Let us revisit  China’s Population Control Policy.

According to a recent CNN News report, China, the world’s most populous country with 1.3 billion people, boasts of leaders who are sensitive to her citizens’ needs. This vital leadership quality may be the secret of her success. What does China’s record show about her population policy?

In the 1970s, as a response to threats of overpopulation, China instituted a policy of one child per couple. From an economic point of view, this policy made sense, but from a human rights, religious and ethical perspective, it seemed harsh and inhumane. This drastic family-planning policy was enacted to combat concerns about whether the economy could support a rapidly-growing population. Because policy makers are always alert and focused, reviewing and making changes in the interest of the citizens. Now that the leaders have seen that almost after four decades of this policy, in spite of its benefits, its negative impacts are overwhelming: an increase in illegal abortions, forced sterilization, heavy fines, abandonment of babies and their mothers, and many other forms of cruelty to the unwanted female babies.

In addition, an unexpected negative impact on the workforce became problematic: lack of manpower to replace the aging and retiring population, creating a disturbing imbalance of the male:female ratio with males outnumbering females by a huge margin because of preferences for a male child.

The policy makers have therefore reviewed the situation and recently changed the one child policy to two children per couple, watching and monitoring the impact on the society, especially the economy and quality of family life.

Let us look at the situation in our African countries. I am not an advocate of this one child policy, but I am impressed by the commitment of the leaders. Take Nigeria, as an example. Do our leaders take time to feel the pulse of the common people and find a way to address their needs? Do we even know the rate of our population growth not to talk of putting it on the agenda for economic planning and effects on people’s standard of living? Who cares whether civil servants are paid or not, or teachers, doctors, nurses or other essential workers going on strike for poor conditions of service? What about the huge and endemic unemployment issues? Many of our leaders have their private universities and produce numerous graduates with no jobs for years. These are just a few of the basic problems good leaders make their priorities. What have our leaders got to lose? After all they did not depend on people’s votes to win the elections? These are some of our unique leadership problems that need to be addressed before we can make a headway in progress.

As long as our  leaders are not sensitive to the sufferings and there are no unified pressures or demands on them, it is business as usual in all African nations.

There is one other aspect of the population issue I want to touch on. Chinese leaders were conscious of the effect of overpopulation and took drastic actions to control it. What about African countries and population growth? Most of our leaders at all levels, (including traditional rulers, kings, and chiefs), are encouraging polygamy, which puts no limit to the number of children a man should have. To make matters worse, many African countries are legalizing child marriage, an act that promotes poverty and suffering especially for women and children. The world’s youngest mother, a ten-year old girl, comes from one of the poorest African countries. What a world record!

Recently, it was reported that in Swaziland, another poor African country, over thirty young ‘virgins’ perished on their way to compete in an annual festivity in which the King chooses a new virgin wife every year. You can imagine how many wives and children that sixty-year old king has and the impact of such tradition on the population! Do you wonder why poverty reigns supreme in such a country?

As long as  our leaders continue to indulge in practices that address their personal needs instead of the needs of the people, the continent of Africa will continue to remain “dark” by any measure and standards. China, Japan, India and many others have left African countries behind and this is sad indeed!!!

–Dr. Mother Love

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