“Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to Lofty Heights by the USA Vice President”Part 2.

Personally,I do not like to talk about people in politics for obvious
reasons.But sometimes it is hard to overlook the great works some of these top
people are doing for humanity.This time, it is fighting Violence Against Women
from the highest quarters on the Planet,the a Presidency of the United States of
America.This is a blessing and good news for our human society.Who can give the
incidence of Violence against Women more exposure than men in the most powerful
positions in the world?

From history,violence against women and girls,especially sexual abuse has been
seen as “women’s problem” and has never been made an issue to this level.When
men,(influential men, especially ),come out publicly against crimes committed by
their fellow men against opposite sex, then the message may have more impact on
the society. So, I pray that Vie President Biden’s move will generate the badly
needed momentum for the solution .

From many research studies I have reviewed,one common fact stands out:most men
are usually more reluctant to point an causing finger on their fellow men,
especially when it comes to sexual matters.They overlook, ignore, remain quiet ,
keep aloof ,or remain neutral, (we call it,looking the other way),in an attempt
not to expose their fellow men’s sexual weaknesses.This attitude is part of the
reason why this crime is difficult to address, not to talk of solving.This
attitude is more pronounced in less civilized societies.Some people may think
that I have this bias against men, but those who know me well can testify that I
work better with men as I was raised exclusively by men in my family.Infidelity
and related flaws are the areas I have very low tolerance for since they inflict
undue pains to innocent people especially children.

I hope that working with Dr Biden, we,as a society,can reach a level of maturity
needed to deal with this endemic problem,Violence against Women.
In every society,no matter how civilized,Sexual misconduct,(some minor, some
major and others very deadly),is a very common occurrence and cuts across all
social,economic and racial strata.Many well meaning men have been brought down
and some permanently destroyed by this ever “powerful”bad behavior called sexual
weakness.I feel that there must be some factors we,as a society, have not yet
explored in order to pin down the roots of this “helplessness” in many good and
hardworking men.Many families have been destroyed as a result of this
problem.Many men with this weakness end up estranged from family.

On the other hand,as a society,when we are in a judgement mode,( as many of us
women tend to be with sexual abuse),we hold the rock tightly with clenched teeth
ready to knock down the offenders.We have been doing this for so long with very
little success.From today,let’s drop the rock and work with these great men in the White House
to find a humane way to deal with this problem.Maybe this time we will succeed.

In the next Blog Post,I will look at the steps Dr Biden has already taken and
his plans for the future in this fight.
Finally, let’s give some credit to this Obama Administration for giving this
global burden the recognition needed for a permanent solution.The team is making
the world a better and safer place for women and girls.

Please look out for Part 3 of this series,” Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to
Lofty Heights by the USA Vice President”.Your comments are very appreciated.
Thank you for visiting this blog.Please be part of this noble effort to end
sexual Abuse.

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