Dr. Mother Love on Love: Let’s Talk about Family: Love is a “MUSCLE”.

Last month we introduced the show. We talked briefly about the importance of love and family, defined both terms, and gave  reasons for my passion for those two words: love and family. Both are embedded in my value system and reflect my nickname: Dr. Mother Love.

In this month’s episode, the focus is on how to transmit this love to family and whose job it is to initiate and champion the cause and how other family members partake in this task. Love and family are at the center of my life and this show epitomizes my passion. For so long, I have been wondering how to effectively give this word “love” some momentum. My “aha” moment came when I was recently watching a special kids’ TV program, “Sprout,” with my grandsons, and a commercial ad came up: a colorful diverse group of children dancing, jumping, and happily displaying their energy and flexing their muscles, singing: “kindness is a muscle….”. That caught my attention, and I imagined that love can also be described as a muscle and flexed in a similar way. So, I made up my mind to use that concept to handle love in my personal and professional aspects of life.

So, now that I believe that love is a muscle to be flexed in action, there must be specific ways to flex it effectively depending on the strength, understanding, nature, nurture, determination, and commitment of the one flexing it. Think of your motivation when you register at a gym. This journey of flexing the love muscle could be bumpy and challenging, but in the long run very rewarding if done right and with good intentions. Flexing the love muscle is a process: the giver does more work than the receiver, though it is a two-way action. What factors affect the flexing of this love muscle that keeps any relationship alive and vibrant? Who should be held accountable for its success in the family setting in any society? Is training necessary or is it just a natural process?

In my opinion, I am sure the natural head of family, the man, is the torch bearer, the cheerleader, the role model endowed with overwhelming energy for muscle flexing. Let us look at how the man is handling this or how he should be handling it in the family arena or in any relationship he finds himself. What are his challenges, strengths, and weaknesses? What are his success stories and failures? What does the future hold in store for him? How will he be remembered in the history of his family?

These questions must be analyzed and answered honestly to shed light on the present dynamics of family fabrics and for its future generations. Where do we even begin to trace man’s positive and negative roles in the family? This will be our focus for the next show. We will review how men in different cultures express love, the impacts of that expression on the family, and any tips for improvement so that the family enjoys a better life with great potential for ensuring even brighter future for generations to come. This is the goal of this program. 

When we are done with the man, we face the next in the family hierarchy, the woman. Then other members of the family will receive similar analysis. You can see that we have a very interesting task ahead of us. Do not miss the next episode!

Thank you and have a blessed time.

Dr. Mother Love

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