Let’s Talk About Family: Gender Selection

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Gender Selection has been a quest for couples as far back as recorded history allows and this has been a controversial curiosity from prehistoric times. Our present era of unstoppable advancement in technology has opened platforms for exciting things happening in the arena of Pre-selection of baby’s sex before conception.
Our last show took us to this area because of a couple’s marital discord as a result of the absence of a male child in a family of five. I had promised to talk more about how to choose the sex of a baby by natural methods in contrast to the numerous artificial methods offered by modern technology. I later realized that delving into this loaded area will take us off track and away from our focus on family stability, sanity and success. I therefore decided to continue our discussion on family matters while privately working with this couple to achieve their goal of saving their marriage, and loving and appreciating their daughters as well as getting a baby boy (if possible).
Join us as we continue to expose the challenges disrupting our peace and harmony in families, one problem at a time. We will still be analyzing the role of women in the family. Try not to miss it, but if you cannot join us at this time, listen to the replay at your convenience at https://amaracares.wordpress.com/blog/


Dr. Mother Love


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