Tune into the Latest Episode of Let’s Talk About Family!

Please listen to the replay of our newest episode of Let’s Talk About Family! We discussed family roles.


This episode examines how other members of the family are playing their roles. The earlier episodes analyzed how vital the roles of husbands and wives are and where possible challenges are likely to occur if important relationship factors are not addressed appropriately.

One major goal of this show is to raise awareness of the importance of each family member’s role and  how the family can be affected negatively if these roles are neglected or abused directly or indirectly. At the end of each episode, tips and suggestions to strengthen the relationships are usually offered and feedback is always expected and appreciated.

In the subsequent episodes, I will flash the touch back on the man, the natural head of the family with the goal to help him carry out his duties very well and prepare those to take over and keep his legacy alive and into the next generation and beyond. The  MMBA (Moderation, Maintenance, Balance, Attitude) principle will be used to lay out the path that will enable men to excel in their roles. Catching men early as boys, and drilling the right values into them will give them the foundation for successful relationships as adults. Once we are done with men and boys, we will do the same for women and girls.

Hopefully this program will set a pace for better and happier family life for many.

Please join us in this exciting journey and bring your family along.


Dr. Mother Love

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