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Catch the Replay now!

Catch the replay of our latest show!

Hello, friends.

Do not forget to listen to our next episode at our usual time Thursdays,  6.30 pm ET.
In the last show, we concluded the discussion on the roles of family members and their relationships.
This time we will look at the impact of culture on family and beyond. Our goal in this show is to keep identifying and exposing all those factors that affect the family positively and negatively and suggest ways to make things better so that the family will be stable, secure, sane and successful across the generations.
We will start with identifying those aspects of our various cultures that unite family members and those that tear them apart.Then we see how we can make things better for all concerned.
Please tune in and be part of this interesting discussion. If you missed any of the episodes, go back to reply and catch up at:

Have a blessed day.

Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Replay! Let’s Talk About Family: The Roles of Other Family Members

Happy New Year!

Please listen to the replay of our latest episode, Let’s Talk About Family: The Roles of Other Family Members.

Please excuse the short interruption at the beginning of the call. These shows are live!

This is the last episode on this topic. We have discussed the roles of the husband, wife, children, in-laws, and have highlighted their positive and negative impacts on the functioning of the family. Now we will wrap it up by considering how other extended family members influence the family’s stability, identity, unity and success. We received a few questions and comments about in-law relationships. We will address these in this last episode. Then we will move on to other topics that affect the family in various ways: challenges that are caused by the changing trends and roles, expectations, and surprises in relationship and marriage matters. How family members are adjusting, coping, and hoping for a brighter future will also be reviewed.

Please join us in these interesting discussions. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always appreciated. Invite a friend to listen if possible. Thank you.

Dr. Mother Love


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