Catch the latest replay of Let’s Talk About Family on Cultures Revisited, part 2!

If you listened to the last episode, Cultures Revisited, you could tell that it was recorded while I was in a moving vehicle and you could hear some noise and children crying in the background. My apologies please! Let me explain: About 20 minutes before the scheduled recording time, an unplanned family matter needed my urgent attention. Luckily, I was able to get someone to drive the van so that I could sit in the back and record the show. As you know, this program is all about family and at that moment I had to attend to a family emergency and still keep up with the scheduled recording, a typical example of multiple tasking we face once in a while. I am using this opportunity to apologize for the poor recording quality of the last show. I will try to avoid such confusion next time.

In this episode, we looked at how culture affects marriage in our society. We will start with the negative impacts and if time allows, we will delve into the  positives. Please listen to the replay and leave a comment on our website: Thank you.

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Dr. Mother Love

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