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Listen to the Latest Blog Talk Radio Show on Let’s Talk About Family: Family Relations!

Please listen to the latest replay of the Let’s Talk About Family Blog Talk Radio Show.

Today’s episode is the first since we officially made this show a monthly affair to be recorded on the first Friday of every month. I call it our “First Friday Reflections on Family Matters”. This is because family really matters to all of us, therefore it is a good idea to start each month’s weekend on a clear slate totally resolved to renew our commitment to family.

I had planned to continue our discussion on how our cultures impact our families, but I decided to put that topic on hold so as to address an emergency: A trending attack on marriage from all angles. Do you see what I see these days on social media? A growing concern or phobia people are expressing about marriage! As a passionate coach in relationship matters, I recognize this concern and take it seriously. I will summarize some of these concerns and throw them open for discussion with the hope of finding some solutions with the help of your feedback. If we do not address these issues, the institution of marriage may be history.

So, do not miss this show. Be part of this noble cause of helping every family to be stable, safe, sane and successful. Keep listening, check the replays and follow us at or and leave us a comment.

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Dr. Mother Love

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