2018 Fathers Day Message To Fathers: Sexual Responsibility

Listen to the next Episode of Let’s Talk about Family: 2018 Fathers Day Message.

Hello Everybody. Welcome to “Let’s Talk about Family”,our monthly forum for reflecting on, and reassessing our roles and commitment to our  various families.

Our May episode (2018 Mother’s Day Message),was a mandate to all women to ignite and nurture the relationships between children and fathers; that the best gift a mom can give her kids is the love of their dad.Please go back to our replays and listen to this message that was well received and is already making a difference in our families.

Our 2018 Fathers’ Day Message on Friday, June 1st is an appeal to men for damage control.Sexual Irresponsibility is destroying our families and is implicated in most divorces.

Please join us, listen at our websites below or call in  1-646-787-8518 at our usual time, (6.30pm ET every first Friday of the month). You can catch the  Show at drmotherlove.com or amaracares.wordpress.com. Thank you.

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