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Effective Communication is key in relationships.Let’s discuss our challenges in this area and see how we can improve.Some cultures have hash Communication tendencies that may turn-off the intended receivers of the message.This happens in marriages, parenting, workplace, social activities and more.We can do better.Let’s explore how.

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2018 Fathers Day Message To Fathers: Sexual Responsibility

Listen to the next Episode of Let’s Talk about Family: 2018 Fathers Day Message.

Hello Everybody. Welcome to “Let’s Talk about Family”,our monthly forum for reflecting on, and reassessing our roles and commitment to our  various families.

Our May episode (2018 Mother’s Day Message),was a mandate to all women to ignite and nurture the relationships between children and fathers; that the best gift a mom can give her kids is the love of their dad.Please go back to our replays and listen to this message that was well received and is already making a difference in our families.

Our 2018 Fathers’ Day Message on Friday, June 1st is an appeal to men for damage control.Sexual Irresponsibility is destroying our families and is implicated in most divorces.

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Let’s Talk About Family: Mother’s Day Message to ALL Women

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In this episode, we will acknowledge the vital roles women are playing in families and societies all over the world. We will also give them a special assignment to do more in one area of family life that is currently suffering: the relationship between fathers and their children and it has a lot to do with how their mothers treat and present their fathers to them.

Join us and listen to this coming Episode. You will be gratefully amazed at the power of this Love that women can totally nurture and control in the family and beyond. If you miss it, catch the replay at or at

See you all then.

–Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Latest Blog Talk Radio Show on Let’s Talk About Family! Social Media Venting about Marriage, Part 2.

Please listen to the latest replay of Let’s Talk About Family Blog Talk Radio Show.

Hello my great people.

Please join us as we continue to discuss the trending venting and ranting about marriage as seen in the Social Media.

Young people are expressing their fears and frustrations about marriage. No wonder these days, most eligible bachelors are reluctant to commit and settle down. We can no longer ignore this red flag about the future of our cherished institution called Marriage.


Let’s keep exposing the problems until we find solutions. Join us on this first Friday, April 6, 2018 at 6.30pm ET

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Happy listening!

Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Latest Blog Talk Radio Show on Let’s Talk About Family: Family Relations!

Please listen to the latest replay of the Let’s Talk About Family Blog Talk Radio Show.

Today’s episode is the first since we officially made this show a monthly affair to be recorded on the first Friday of every month. I call it our “First Friday Reflections on Family Matters”. This is because family really matters to all of us, therefore it is a good idea to start each month’s weekend on a clear slate totally resolved to renew our commitment to family.

I had planned to continue our discussion on how our cultures impact our families, but I decided to put that topic on hold so as to address an emergency: A trending attack on marriage from all angles. Do you see what I see these days on social media? A growing concern or phobia people are expressing about marriage! As a passionate coach in relationship matters, I recognize this concern and take it seriously. I will summarize some of these concerns and throw them open for discussion with the hope of finding some solutions with the help of your feedback. If we do not address these issues, the institution of marriage may be history.

So, do not miss this show. Be part of this noble cause of helping every family to be stable, safe, sane and successful. Keep listening, check the replays and follow us at or and leave us a comment.

Thank you,

Dr. Mother Love

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If you listened to the last episode, Cultures Revisited, you could tell that it was recorded while I was in a moving vehicle and you could hear some noise and children crying in the background. My apologies please! Let me explain: About 20 minutes before the scheduled recording time, an unplanned family matter needed my urgent attention. Luckily, I was able to get someone to drive the van so that I could sit in the back and record the show. As you know, this program is all about family and at that moment I had to attend to a family emergency and still keep up with the scheduled recording, a typical example of multiple tasking we face once in a while. I am using this opportunity to apologize for the poor recording quality of the last show. I will try to avoid such confusion next time.

In this episode, we looked at how culture affects marriage in our society. We will start with the negative impacts and if time allows, we will delve into the  positives. Please listen to the replay and leave a comment on our website: Thank you.

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Dr. Mother Love

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Hello, friends.

Do not forget to listen to our next episode at our usual time Thursdays,  6.30 pm ET.
In the last show, we concluded the discussion on the roles of family members and their relationships.
This time we will look at the impact of culture on family and beyond. Our goal in this show is to keep identifying and exposing all those factors that affect the family positively and negatively and suggest ways to make things better so that the family will be stable, secure, sane and successful across the generations.
We will start with identifying those aspects of our various cultures that unite family members and those that tear them apart.Then we see how we can make things better for all concerned.
Please tune in and be part of this interesting discussion. If you missed any of the episodes, go back to reply and catch up at:

Have a blessed day.

Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Replay! Let’s Talk About Family: The Roles of Other Family Members

Happy New Year!

Please listen to the replay of our latest episode, Let’s Talk About Family: The Roles of Other Family Members.

Please excuse the short interruption at the beginning of the call. These shows are live!

This is the last episode on this topic. We have discussed the roles of the husband, wife, children, in-laws, and have highlighted their positive and negative impacts on the functioning of the family. Now we will wrap it up by considering how other extended family members influence the family’s stability, identity, unity and success. We received a few questions and comments about in-law relationships. We will address these in this last episode. Then we will move on to other topics that affect the family in various ways: challenges that are caused by the changing trends and roles, expectations, and surprises in relationship and marriage matters. How family members are adjusting, coping, and hoping for a brighter future will also be reviewed.

Please join us in these interesting discussions. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always appreciated. Invite a friend to listen if possible. Thank you.

Dr. Mother Love


Catch the Replay of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws!

Please listen to the latest episode of Let’s Talk about Family: Family and In-Laws.

Listen now:

We will continue our discussion on the in-law relationship in the family setting. Please go to the replay to refresh your memory by clicking at or find out about my course at

The discussion will even be more interesting as we share some real stories of typical mentality, actions and reactions of family members concerning in-laws and how they make or break families. A mother-in-law is first called a “mother” before the word “in-law” is added. Therefore the couple must see the two women in both parties as mothers and treat them equally as such. The same treatment is accorded to the two fathers as well as the siblings on both sides. This is how it is supposed to be for peace, love and tranquility to be enjoyed by all members of the families. Let’s talk about this and more. Don’t miss this coming episode. Feel free to post comments and questions. Share your own experiences on my website and make a difference in people’s lives.


Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Latest Episode of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws

The replay is ready of our latest episode of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws!

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-Dr. Mother Love

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