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Catch the latest replay of Let’s Talk About Family on Cultures Revisited, part 2!

If you listened to the last episode, Cultures Revisited, you could tell that it was recorded while I was in a moving vehicle and you could hear some noise and children crying in the background. My apologies please! Let me explain: About 20 minutes before the scheduled recording time, an unplanned family matter needed my urgent attention. Luckily, I was able to get someone to drive the van so that I could sit in the back and record the show. As you know, this program is all about family and at that moment I had to attend to a family emergency and still keep up with the scheduled recording, a typical example of multiple tasking we face once in a while. I am using this opportunity to apologize for the poor recording quality of the last show. I will try to avoid such confusion next time.

In this episode, we looked at how culture affects marriage in our society. We will start with the negative impacts and if time allows, we will delve into the  positives. Please listen to the replay and leave a comment on our website: Thank you.

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Catch the Replay now!

Catch the replay of our latest show!

Hello, friends.

Do not forget to listen to our next episode at our usual time Thursdays,  6.30 pm ET.
In the last show, we concluded the discussion on the roles of family members and their relationships.
This time we will look at the impact of culture on family and beyond. Our goal in this show is to keep identifying and exposing all those factors that affect the family positively and negatively and suggest ways to make things better so that the family will be stable, secure, sane and successful across the generations.
We will start with identifying those aspects of our various cultures that unite family members and those that tear them apart.Then we see how we can make things better for all concerned.
Please tune in and be part of this interesting discussion. If you missed any of the episodes, go back to reply and catch up at:

Have a blessed day.

Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Replay! Let’s Talk About Family: The Roles of Other Family Members

Happy New Year!

Please listen to the replay of our latest episode, Let’s Talk About Family: The Roles of Other Family Members.

Please excuse the short interruption at the beginning of the call. These shows are live!

This is the last episode on this topic. We have discussed the roles of the husband, wife, children, in-laws, and have highlighted their positive and negative impacts on the functioning of the family. Now we will wrap it up by considering how other extended family members influence the family’s stability, identity, unity and success. We received a few questions and comments about in-law relationships. We will address these in this last episode. Then we will move on to other topics that affect the family in various ways: challenges that are caused by the changing trends and roles, expectations, and surprises in relationship and marriage matters. How family members are adjusting, coping, and hoping for a brighter future will also be reviewed.

Please join us in these interesting discussions. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always appreciated. Invite a friend to listen if possible. Thank you.

Dr. Mother Love


Catch the Replay of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws!

Please listen to the latest episode of Let’s Talk about Family: Family and In-Laws.

Listen now:

We will continue our discussion on the in-law relationship in the family setting. Please go to the replay to refresh your memory by clicking at or find out about my course at

The discussion will even be more interesting as we share some real stories of typical mentality, actions and reactions of family members concerning in-laws and how they make or break families. A mother-in-law is first called a “mother” before the word “in-law” is added. Therefore the couple must see the two women in both parties as mothers and treat them equally as such. The same treatment is accorded to the two fathers as well as the siblings on both sides. This is how it is supposed to be for peace, love and tranquility to be enjoyed by all members of the families. Let’s talk about this and more. Don’t miss this coming episode. Feel free to post comments and questions. Share your own experiences on my website and make a difference in people’s lives.


Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Latest Episode of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws

The replay is ready of our latest episode of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws!

Click here to listen.


-Dr. Mother Love

Tune into the Latest Episode of Let’s Talk About Family!

Please listen to the replay of our newest episode of Let’s Talk About Family! We discussed family roles.

This episode examines how other members of the family are playing their roles. The earlier episodes analyzed how vital the roles of husbands and wives are and where possible challenges are likely to occur if important relationship factors are not addressed appropriately.

One major goal of this show is to raise awareness of the importance of each family member’s role and  how the family can be affected negatively if these roles are neglected or abused directly or indirectly. At the end of each episode, tips and suggestions to strengthen the relationships are usually offered and feedback is always expected and appreciated.

In the subsequent episodes, I will flash the touch back on the man, the natural head of the family with the goal to help him carry out his duties very well and prepare those to take over and keep his legacy alive and into the next generation and beyond. The  MMBA (Moderation, Maintenance, Balance, Attitude) principle will be used to lay out the path that will enable men to excel in their roles. Catching men early as boys, and drilling the right values into them will give them the foundation for successful relationships as adults. Once we are done with men and boys, we will do the same for women and girls.

Hopefully this program will set a pace for better and happier family life for many.

Please join us in this exciting journey and bring your family along.


Dr. Mother Love

Listen to the Latest Episode of Let’s Talk About Family!

Did you miss the last episode of Let’s Talk About Family? Catch it now!


Dr. Mother Love


Blog Talk Radio Show Replay: Dr. Mother Love on Love–Let’s Talk about Family and the Woman’s Role


The replay of our latest Blog Talk Radio Show: Dr. Mother Love on Love–Let’s Talk about Family and the Woman’s Role is ready. Click here to listen!

Today, we start with woman’s role in the family, but first, this last comment about man’s role: Family matters are very dear to me and should be to everybody because family is where everybody and everything begins and ends. It takes a man, woman and kids to form the nuclear enclave and embraces the extended members to complete the healthy network that keeps the family sound, stable and successful, (the SSS code). It also takes a committed team to build a sound family, but just one bad egg can mess up everything. As we have discussed at length, the man, the natural head of the family, has the greatest responsibility for maintenance and balance. I hope he will continue to live up to this expectation.

Now comes the woman. Among other attributes, she brings into the marriage and her new family her natural gifts of wisdom, grace, patience and fairness to all in the family including herself. She is the neck that rocks the head and pilots the family on a daily basis. Are most women meeting these expectations? Yes and No! Just like men, women have flaws and challenges influenced somehow by upbringing, marital environment, culture and the society she finds herself. How she handles her situation is key to the success or failure of the entire family. Some cultures do not give women the credit they deserve but their role in the family has been vital from time immemorial. This reminds me of my great-aunt’s advice about marriage: “Go there and kill every family member with kindness; that it takes only a devIl not to reciprocate.” She did not know that there are almost as many devils as angels to go round. Such is the reality of our human society.

Let me narrate my meeting with the wife of the man I talked about in the last episode. He claimed that he used silence and indifference to “protect himself” from abuse and disrespect from his wife and children. So I promised him that I will have a chat with his wife, and I did.

Here is the summary of our discussion: I introduced myself, summarized my encounter with her husband and asked for her honest response. It took some time to get her to open up, with tears flowing down her cheeks. Right there, I could see a frustrated, disappointed and broken woman.
Slowly, painfully, reluctantly and cautiously she gave me a short history of her life in this family.

At age 19,  she got married 18 years ago to her high school sweetheart, her first and only love, the oldest son in a family of ten. He was 25, vibrant and full of life and hope. The first few years were great until the kids started coming. “After the arrival of our first two daughters and a third one on the way, my husband changed into a monster, irritable, impatient and demeaning in words and deeds. Our kids became ‘your girls’.  He cared less and teased all of us with utmost meanness. Gradually the girls became withdrawn, avoided him and used me as their only shield. To protect these three innocent girls, I had to become a different woman, bringing out the worst in me, talkative, insulting, insensitive, critical, ungrateful, defensive– you name it, all in self-defense. He would take off for days and come back with no explanation or apology.
I had to abandon the virtues I was raised with and took on a thick skin to protect myself and the girls from emotional abuse from him and his family especially his mother who saw my daughters as unwanted strangers because of their gender.”
She burst into heavy tears and I had to stop her from talking and consoled her.

Both sides of the story left me with many thoughts and unanswered questions about relationship, marriage, family and cultural influence on value system.

These give us enough issues to think about till the next episode when we will try to make some sense of this problem and see how women deal with their realities in the family.

Please continue listen or  visit our Facebook Group: Positive Family Front, and post your comments and questions:

Be Blessed!

Dr. Mother Love.

Dr. Mother Love on Love: Let’s Talk about Family

Hello Everybody,

This is the content of my last monthly Blog Talk Radio show, ” Dr. Mother Love on Love: Let’s Talk about Family. It is all about Love, Relationships and Family Matters. We started a few months ago with analyzing the basic make up of the family unit, that is members and their roles in making or breaking the family fabric. We have been talking about the man, the natural  family head, and supposedly the provider, protector, and role model as ordained by the Creator.

Love is a MUSCLE that must be flexed correctly by all members to keep everything going well. How are we flexing this love and kindness muscle? I just wonder! If time allows, we will conclude the role of the man today so we can move over to the woman’s role, otherwise we carry it over to one more episode.

How is the man handling his family? He may surely be providing and protecting but is he also role modeling? Will his kids always want to be like Dad? It all depends on the feedback they are getting from Dad’s lifestyle.

Unlike the media that usually portrays the negative sides of stories in order to catch people’s attention and interest, (you know that bad stories make news), this show brings out both sides of every story in fairness to all concerned. Undeniably, most men are doing their best to keep the family going, but in many cases, some of the family members’ sanity and prestige are torn down by the very head that should be building them up. This can be done intentionally or ignorantly by the choices he makes. When I claim that I have a soft spot for men, I am not kidding. This is because most men are innocently clueless about what really keeps a relationship alive and healthy. Man’s nature of simplicity and lack of intimate communication skills put a burden on relationships. To some extent, one can blame this on nature and nurture: how men are wired and how family and society have conditioned them by expectations and orientation as males in contrast to females. On the other hand, women’s tendency to over-analyze issues and worry unnecessarily are equally problematic. So we must find a way to balance things in order to benefit all.


An ideal family man knows when to pay attention to little but vital details about his family matters. He knows when and how to maintain the sanity and integrity of family members by his words and actions. This is where most men have challenges. Material provisions are vital but emotional support of every member and stabilizes the family fabric and ensures allegiance, trust and respect for the man. It baffles me to find out how clueless some men are about what goes on in their families and have no apologies about this. To a great man of the family, all things matter, especially things affecting the sanity and functioning of members. Sometimes, cultural influence plays a major role in distorting man’s roles in family and relationship matters. This is where redirection and value clarification are most needed for damage control before it is too late. The resulting  crisis and confusion are breaking up families and destroying relationships. In some cultures, men are taught to be physically strong, show little emotion, and be very stingy with dishing out compliments, especially to women and children. Most of the time, this shuts men down and keeps their true feelings bottled up within, only to explode in violence when it reaches its limits.


I had an opportunity to interview one of such men dealing with this kind of trapped situation: He told me that keeping quiet was his safest strategy to avoid being accused, blamed or insulted. His wife scolds him like a child, in front of their children and so they have no respect for him, though he continues to be the breadwinner. He is very angry, frustrated, disappointed and discouraged and rightly so, and so should any man be in a similar situation. Doesn’t this sound familiar in many families? We need to prevent such ungrateful attitudes that scare young men away from marriage. This is just one side of the story. The other side needs to be heard too! Every family has different challenges though; some common factors are handled by adult members make or break the family.


I will address the wife’s problem when we get to women’s roles. For now, my point it that there is no smoke without fire and the best thing is to get to the root of the problem to know how to address it. Family is the fabric of every society and must be protected by all means. We cannot ignore problems threatening its survival.


In the next episode, we will conclude on man’s role and start with the woman. Please join us. We appreciate comments and feedback.


Thank you,


Dr. Mother Love

Your Let’s Talk About Family Show Recording is Ready!

Welcome to the show!

In case you missed it, please listen in to the latest episode of Let’s Talk About Family.

Love is a muscle, and the man is a provider and protector, but also a role model in the family.

Be blessed!

Dr. Mother Love

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