Social Media with a Difference from Dr. Mother Love

Hello my friends, fellow bloggers, and my followers,

I have just seen myself as a “Social Media Junkie with a Difference”, and am loving it. In case you are not aware, I have a few outlets for getting my thoughts across and am hoping to make things a little better:

Whenever I have something for you at any of these outlets, I will let you know.
Here are a few trending comments that caught my attention last week:

  1. An actress named Reese asked,”Why tear some people down only to raise others up ?” I ask the same question all the time about human nature, and I am yet to get satisfactory answers.
  2. The tireless 67-year-old super star, Cher Bono, has been advised by her doctors to slow down and get more rest following some signs of a possible break down. Really, will she do so? I pray she does.
  3. According to a survey reported by Wind City Live, (WCL, a Chicago daytimeTV show):
    “Men find women in high heels more sexy”. No wonder why all sorts of dangerously high heeled shoes are out there and most women try to cope with the discomfort and risk of breaking bones, mainly to be sexy and please men. Wow! Men, can you try on a pair of such shoes and see how “comfy” it is, just for the fun of it? Otherwise, can we rethink our value system and be real and fair?
  4. Oprah Winfrey’s Cancer Scare: Can you believe that such bad but false news about such an icon and philanthropist can be put on Facebook? When I read that she reportedly has less than 12 weeks to die of a stage-4 (unspecified) cancer, I was in shock and disbelief. Showing her crying, wiping her eyes, and saying that she has over $2.4 billion to finish spending in less than three months is a big task for her, was convincing until I made a few calls. This was found to be a falsehood speculated by a fake NANA News & Press. Such a tabloid cannot be sued? Why not? Thank goodness that was false news.
  5. What about Bill Cosby’s rape controversy? Another big shock to be addressed next time. Wonders will never end! At any rate. Let’s keep wondering what surprises coming next.

Have a good week and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for at least one thing today and each day to come. We easily take small things for granted and it shouldn’t be so, not at all!

Dr. Mother Love

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