My New Blog Talk Radio Show: Let’s Talk About Family

Welcome 2017!

I am proud to reveal the name of my new Blog Talk Radio Show: Let’s Talk About Family.

Why this name? No matter what I do and how much I try to venture into other areas, my interest, passion and energy always bounce back to family matters. This passion for family started a long, long time ago: As a teenager, my family and I spent three agonizing years in a refugee camp during the Nigerian Civil war. That’s when it dawned on me at that early age that family really matters. Once that vital family glue is disrupted in any way for whatever reason, dysfunction creeps in and destroys everybody and everything, from the family members to the society at large. This fact, evident in our present everyday life, is even more validated with worsening challenges faced by families. What is therefore more important to talk about than family?

Modern technology has narrowed the world into a small global village, making it easy to see and feel the similarities and differences in challenges faced by families everywhere. A non-intimidating platform is needed for exposing, analyzing and addressing these challenges. This is exactly what I plan to provide in this blog show and post.

Back in Nigeria in the 1980’s, I used to enjoy a popular weekly TV/Radio Show called, “Let’s Talk about Love”. The show provided a comfortable platform for dialogue about any and every aspect of love. The show appealed to both the young and the old in that society as it addressed issues that affected all. The impact on the community was positive and visible. I hope to use a similar approach to delve into family matters that affect all of us no matter where we were born or where we are raising our family.

We will no longer be silent and let the sleeping dog lie. It is time to talk about anything that challenges us to survive as families. Those factors that tend to tear down the fabric of the family will be dealt with appropriately. A major focus will be on culture and its impact on the family. From time to time as the issue arises, we will revisit some aspects of our culture with the goal to treasure the good ones, trash the bad ones and just transform those in between for every one’s benefit.

Since I was raised by men and still believe in the values instilled in me despite all valid reasons to change my mind, I will also use this platform to redirect, reignite and reassure men that they are still much loved, much needed and much appreciated by their loved ones and society. This damage control is vital in healing and restoring the ego of most males now traumatized by the current trend of “role reversal”, threatening to diminish their importance in family society. Hopefully, I will be able to use my message to meet men where they are and walk them back to where they belong for better life for all. Please visit my websites and look out for the schedules of topics of interest to you. Share the message and be blessed!

Please stay tuned for details about the first show.

Happy New Year!


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