Catch the Replay of Let’s Talk About Family: In-Laws!

Please listen to the latest episode of Let’s Talk about Family: Family and In-Laws.

Listen now:

We will continue our discussion on the in-law relationship in the family setting. Please go to the replay to refresh your memory by clicking at or find out about my course at

The discussion will even be more interesting as we share some real stories of typical mentality, actions and reactions of family members concerning in-laws and how they make or break families. A mother-in-law is first called a “mother” before the word “in-law” is added. Therefore the couple must see the two women in both parties as mothers and treat them equally as such. The same treatment is accorded to the two fathers as well as the siblings on both sides. This is how it is supposed to be for peace, love and tranquility to be enjoyed by all members of the families. Let’s talk about this and more. Don’t miss this coming episode. Feel free to post comments and questions. Share your own experiences on my website and make a difference in people’s lives.


Dr. Mother Love

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