The Difference Between Animals and Us

Hello friends,

Dr. MotherLove, here, the Infidelity doctor.

I have question that lingers on my mind and I want to share my thoughts about it. What sets us apart from animals when it comes to sex and morality? People may have different views, but here is mine.

The fact that I have self control, wisdom, and knowledge of right and wrong in accordance with The Golden Rule, I do not belong to the animal family. I can give and receive love; I can direct and control my human urges with wisdom and unselfish tendencies. I seek to make things better for all concerned, and I foster a strong connection to the source of life–my Divine Designer.  If I did not have this mindset, I would always find a way to justify my actions, especially when my conscience, common sense, and the prevailing public opinion frown upon poor actions.

I feel sick to my stomach when I hear people (mostly those holding on to outdated and unfair cultural practices), defend those who cheat and commit adultery, especially male offenders. Such excuses include:

  • “Men have to be men”
  • “What do you want him to do when his wife is not around?”
  • “He needs love and is not getting it at home”
  • “As long as he is taking care of his family, what is wrong with having a little fun on the side?”
  • “Even though he cheated on his wife, he is still a good man”
  • “He works so hard or is so stressed and lonely due to his high profile job (especially in politics, entertainment, sports, and business) that he can’t help it”
  • “The pressures women put on men are too much to resist. What is this poor man to do?

And the frenzy of excuses continues. My only consolation is that the truth is always obvious and sooner than later the inevitable consequences of infidelity show up. Do people ever learn from their mistakes? Is history destined to repeat itself? Why are some cultures silent about the very factors that destroy the family and society even when disaster is visible and spreading like wild fire? When are we going to be ready to speak out, even if our opinion is unpopular or politically incorrect?

In conclusion, the characteristics of Infidelity and Related Sins violate the norms of behavior that sets humans apart from all other animals. Anybody who sees it differently, in my opinion, belongs to the lower animal family, which is regrettable. Think about the fate of the victims, especially the offenders themselves, who often times end up lonely, miserable, and unfulfilled. Can you think of any examples of such people who have committed adultery? How can you help them? Join me in my effort to raise awareness about this problem as we dig into the roots of the causes of infidelity. Comment below to be part of this noble movement.

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