Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to Lofty Heights by USA Vice President.

Sexual Abuse Awareness brought to Lofty Heights by the USA Vice President ”

My passion is always drawn to Family Matters: Ensuring better lives for all in the family and beyond.Sexual Abuse, in my opinion,is the greatest and most common insult to humanity,yet it has never been give an effective attention locally or globally.The situation is even worse in the developing countries where women have little or no voice or sympathy, where outdated values and insensitive cultures still reign supreme.There are countless instances of hardship and poverty resulting from this mindset and it is our responsibility to expose and eradicate the causes.

This morning,I was happy to hear from breaking news that Vice President, Joe Biden, who recently gave up presidential ambitions, has decided to take on a Higher Calling:Tackling this Sexual Abuse problem.He has made it his passion to take the problem to lofty heights politically, academically and otherwise.He is starting from the White House and from the campus  of his Alma Mater, Syracuse University in New York.

Read more later to follow Dr Biden’s plans as well as my
take on the problem and its solution .

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